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Planchest can create management reports utilising any accessible data in your organisation. These are usually web based but may include linked spreadsheets or a custom reporting application.

ProjectPlan is an example of a ready built application which combines planned and actual costs and enables graphical display of achieved and projected profit. To connect this to your data sources involves some degree of consultancy with the interface and filtering parameters subject to minimal adjustment.

You may want to design management reports from scratch or to replace an existing Excel based solution. You may have a 3rd party accounting system or other database which doesn't produce the reports you want. This is where Planchest can help you make better use of valuable management time and make better use of databases you already maintain.

Planchest is here to help you work the way you want: You need a Project list with red amber or green traffic lights based on a combination of cost and QA scores - no problem!

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