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What is System Integration

System Integration is developing helper applications and links to ensure that wherever you need data which already exists in your organisation, this is available quickly and easily to avoid errors and duplication of effort and improve the efficiency quality of your output.

Should you need to send a letter to all your staff, you should be able to use a mail merge source which knows everybody who has joined or left recently without any editing or filtering. Similarly, your telephone list should be available on your Intranet as a dynamic page always up to date.

Live queryable Holiday charts - view a team's holiday plans or on-line or personalised printed timesheets. Any functionality required to manage your staff not already provided by your systems.

When you send out a newsletter or invite clients to an event, you should know which contacts were previously mailed or, if invited, whether they actually attended. The list should be updated with new contacts on current projects: not just for the impending event but continuously. Your task should just be selection, not updating entries.

You have standard images for various project sectors and attributes and need to produce bespoke brochures very easily in response to enquries. Use a macro driven Word document to do the hard work and just undertake a final edit before sending it out.

Perhaps you want to have all your issued and archived drawings searchable on your intranet. Using any project criteria , partial drawing title etc. retrieve thumbnails and summary details, just click to retrieve a read only copy of the drawing.

Maybe you want to be able to browse all the computers in your organisation by specification, warranty expiry, installed software or current user.

Linking selected accounts, HR, marketing and project data even if held in different formats should be undertaken wherever one lot of data impinges on another where the alternativew is re-keying data which already exists.

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