ProjectPlan is a web based analysis and management reporting application.

ProjectPlan combines planned and actual costs and enables graphical display of achieved and projected profit.

Highly interactive and intuitive, ProjectPlan encourages the critical review of individual projects whilst keeping an eye on the big picture. Data can be filtered by sector, period etc and unsecured work can be included or discounted.

In addition to the vivid graphical presentation, tabular profit and resource forecasts, interactive holiday charts etc can also be configured.

ProjectPlan may be set up to use Planchest as a project planning and resourcing interface and collect timesheet, billing and expenses information from Moneybox, but this information can also be collated from third party planning and timesheet systems.

As with all Planchest products and services, ProjectPlan can be customised and configured to work the way you want: You need a Project list with red amber or green traffic lights based on a combination of cost and QA scores - no problem!

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